This workout has been amazing for fast and steady results.
By the 3rd week you'll see and feel great improvements.

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"Power Trip, a 13 week power program"

This workout is for anyone who is serious about changing their body.
You should have experience with each of the exercises listed
and understand what 'performing perfect form' for each of the exercises looks like and feels like.

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I found the original workout in Flex Magazine, the May 2001 issue, called "Power Trip, a 13 week power program".
I've adapted the concept and created some tools to help me track my progress.

The concept is simple.

Workout - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Rest - Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

The Exercises cover all major body parts, hitting each one twice a week.

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Monday & Friday are called POWER DAYS
because your weights change during the 13 weeks to increase your strength
Tuesday & Thursday are called PUMP DAYS
because your weights stay light so you can just work on the pump, getting blood into your muscles


To start this routine, you must first find out where your muscle's abilities lay.  We need to first find out, for each exercise, how much weight you can lift such that you use perfect form when performing the exercise and you are only able to perform one repetition before the muscle fails.  This is called your 1 REP MAXIMUM for that exercise.
(Again, that's how much weight you can lift perfectly one time for each of the different exercises)



It would be too dangerous to try lifting random weights one time until we fail on rep two.  So, the easiest way to calculate your 1 REP MAX is to do the exercise using a weight (Y) that you can repeat perfectly for only 6 reps, and not a 7th. This is calculating approximately 80% of your
... so...take that weight (Y) and multiply by 1.25 and the resulting number IS your

(Y) * 1.25 = 1 REP MAX



If you have no idea where to start in picking a weight, use a weight that you feel is too light, do the six reps perfectly.  If you can do a seventh rep, increase the weight and try again until you can do six perfectly but not a seventh.

Once you have all your weights calculated, you will fill in these weights (1 Rep Max) into the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that I have provided below.
I round the weights based on what is available at the gym... some machines and weights only have weights by the 10 lb. or 5 lb.  Let the spreadsheet calculate the exact number and round at the gym based on the weights you have.



The spreadsheets are broken down by Day of the week. Monday, Tuesday&Thursday and Friday.  In each of these worksheets, you will see a column for week number, number of sets, number of reps and a % of your 1 Rep Max.
Next to that are your "calculated" weights by exercise.



Your 1 Rep Max will increase with this workout, so if you feel you want to do more you can recalculate your 1 Rep Max in week 4 and or in week 8.

The spreadsheet is read across for each week.

For example: Monday of Week 3 you will do 4 sets of 8 repetitions
for each exercises listed and you're done for the day.

(See Image of Spreadsheets below)

Spreadsheet Link
(click the icon below for the spreadsheet)


The spreadsheet is made of 3 Tabs (Monday, Tuesday&Thursday, Friday)
The image below shows an empty Monday sheet. 
Monday & Friday use changing weights throughout the 13 weeks
Tuesday & Thursday use one weight (65% of your 1 Rep Max) throughout the 13 weeks
The Blue
0's are located in the cell where you will
enter your 1 Rep Max for each exercise. 

When you enter your 1 Rep Max the sheet will automatically
calculate the entire 13 weeks for you as seen below.

Tuesday & Thursday will always be the same weight (65% of your 1 Rep Max)

After Entering your 1 Rep Max this page will calculate the weights to use
on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the entire 13 weeks.
(This will be %65 of your 1 Rep Max)

Below you will see an image of the Friday sheet after the
1 Rep Max has been entered for each exercise.

Once you have filled in each of the fields for 1 Rep Max (1RM)
you will have a workout to follow for the next 12 weeks. 
After week one (which is the week you figure out your 1 Rep Max),
just follow the routine that has been generated for you in the sheets.

Check back here for updates!


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